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Iran’s bitumen has one of the highest qualities in the world and at the present, Iran is the first exporter of bitumen in the Middle East and the fourth largest exporter in the world. This product has been exported to the Middle East, South and East Asia, Africa and Europe.

Bituminous is hydrocarbon material with high viscosity and colloidal structure, and black to dark brown color and is completely dissolved in carbon sulfide and carbon tetrachloride. Impenetrable to moisture and water, electrical insulation, elasticity, moderate persistent against acids, bases and salts and adhesion to other materials is the most important feature of Bitumen. The Most production of bitumen in the world, is petroleum bitumen or tar distillation which is obtained from crude oil distillation and they are classified based on the degree of influence (standard ASTM-D5). And also this group is able to supply all kinds of this product according to customer’s needs.

Grades and Packages
    Bitumen Type       Grades    Packing
Oil Bitumen     60/70 Barrel
Oil Bitumen     85/100 220KG
Oil Bitumen      40/50  
Bitumen Analysis
Bitumen 60/70
Unit Specification Test method
Penetration (25 °C,100 gr,5s) l/mm 60/70 ASTM D5
Softening point °C 49-56 ASTM D36
Ductility (25 °C) cm 100min ASTM D113
Viscosity at 60 °C Poises 2000±400min ASTM D2171
Viscosity at 135 °C cSt 300min ASTM D2170
Flash point (Cleveland Open Cup) °C 232min ASTM D92
Solubility % 99.0min ASTM D2042
Spot test Negative A.A.S.H.O.T 102
Density (25 °C) kg/m3 1010-1060 ASTM D70 or D3289
Loss on Heating wt% 0.2max ASTM D6
Drop in penetration after heating % 20max ASTM D5
Test on residue from thin film oven test (ASTM D1754)
Retained Penetration After(T.F.O.T) % 54min ASTM 06
Ductility after TFOT (5cm/min,25°C,cm) cm 50min ASTM D113
Viscosity ratio at 60°C p 10000max ASTM D2171

Bitumen Analysis

  Bitumen 85/100  
  Unit Specification Test method  
  Specific gravity @25/25 C °C 1.00-1.05 D-70  
  Penetration @25 C mm 85/100 D-5  
  Softening point C °C 45/52 D-36  
  Ductility @25 C cm 100min D-113  
  Loss on heating (wt) % 0.5mx D-6  
  Drop in penetration after heating % 20max D-6 & D-5  
  Flash point C °C 225min D-92  
  Solubility in CS2 (wt) % 99.5min D-4  
  Organic matter insoluble in CS2 (wt) % 0.2max D-4  
  Spot test negative A.A.S.H.O.T.102  
Bitumen Analysis
Bitumen 40/50
Unit Specification Test method
Specific gravity @25/25 C °C 1.01-1.06 D-70
Penetration @25 C mm 40/50 D-5
Softening point °C 52/60 D-36
Ductility @25 C cm 100 min D-113
Loss on heating (wt) % 0.2 max D-6
Drop in penetration after heating % 20 max D-6 & D-5
Flash point °C 250min D-92
Solubility in CS2 (wt) % 99.5 min D-4
Spot test negative *A.A.S.H.O.T.102

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