Oil Derivatives

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Oil Derivatives

Iran is the fourth largest oil exporter in the world and has the second rank in having gas resources. Converting crude oil into other products, results in added value. Due to the huge oil and gas resources, variety and high quality petroleum refineries, and unique geographical location, Iranian oil holds a special place in the global market and are being exported to more than 15 countries. Crude oil refinery is on the column named “distillation columns”, and decomposed into various components with different value. Oil derivatives that are obtained in the distillation operation have been cut differently and include whole range of different fuels.

Arian Investment, Industrial and trading (Kala Tous) in collaboration with the largest refinery of Iran and according to the request of customers are able to produce and export oil products as follows:

Grades Oil Derivations
JPA1- JP54 Jet fuel and aircraft
95 – A92 – A87- A85 Gasoline
D6 – D2 Diesel fuel (gasoline)
Propane – Butane – 50/50 liquid gas (LPG)
M380-  M280 – M180 Mazut
Light 670- 760 Heavy NAFTA
solid – Candle – liquid Paraffin
Some kinds of oils

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